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February 26, 2018

Illegal timber caught on Mandalay-Muse highway

Illegal timber seen on a truck on Mandalay-Muse highway.

The Yaypu Joint Investigation Force, in cooperation with various government departments, has confiscated timber being transported with no legal documents from Mandalay to Muse between 9 and 10 June.
The joint investigation force apprehended a six-wheeled truck on 9 June and three small vehicles on 10 June, all illegally transporting timber from Mandalay to Muse. Confiscated from the vehicles were 57 logs of tamalan weighing 4.6792 tons and 14 logs of various padauk wood or rose wood weighing 0.6558 tons. The Customs Department announced that the estimated value of the confiscated timber is around Ks 52.7092milllion.
The Customs Department was able to cooperate with Yaypu Joint Investigation Force and prevent 13 cases of illegal trading of Ks 131.4358million worth of commodities on 11 June and cooperate with Mayanchaung Investigation Station and prevent 8 cases of illegal trading of Ks 18.5million worth of commodities.





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