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February 28, 2018

If the restoration of peace is our end goal

More than half a century has passed since ethnic tension started to break out in the country. Still, the resolution for the restoration of peace remains frustratingly elusive, overshadowing the country’s internationally praised political reforms. However, it is highly likely that this dilemma is soon to fade away and become a thing of the past.
Now that the 21st Century Panglong Peace Conference is in the offing, there is every reason to believe that this would-be historic assembly will clean up the tarnished image of our country and break the impasse to move forward for common good. It is, therefore, important for ethnic groups that are yet to sign the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement to grasp this opportunity without fail. There is nothing wrong with the conflicting sides beginning to working together to seek solutions that will enable peace to prevail across the country.
Despite differences in race and religion, all the ethnic communities share common patriotism. All the stakeholders in the peace process is believed keep in mind peace is not an individual matter, but a collective responsibility. In other words, it is not the time to go it alone. It is time to start to work together. We have no time to waste. We cannot let our country fall into a nation at risk. It is strongly believed that we will all win when individual armed groups agree to compromise.


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