November 17, 2017

IED discovered on village road in Maungtaw

The improvised explosive device. Photo: Myawady
The improvised explosive device. Photo: Myawady

On Wednesday morning, an improvised explosive device (IED) was discovered on the road that links Maungtaw, Zinpaingnya and Ngakhuya villages in Maungtaw Township.
On patrol, a combined team comprised of the government troops and the border guard police found the IED planted by the violent attackers on the road about 500 meters south-west of Kanpyin village at about 9:30 am and cleared it.
The IED was 4 inches in diameter and 8 inches in height, and made from car engine parts.
The combined team was conducting its area clearance operation around three.—MyawadyPicture2


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