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June 06, 2018

How Shall We Deal With For Achievement of Peace?

  • By Aung Kyi Nyunt

Now is assumed to be the time when the Union of Myanmar has been in the first phase of its way towards the peaceful and developed nation. Provided that we can make rightful approach by taking lessons as to what we are to do and what we are not to do from the long history, we firmly believe that we can extinguish chronic civil war and we can build up a federal democratic union in the near future.
Among all the living beings, existence as human-beings is at the highest of the totem pole of the intellectual status. That being so we can conclude that disagreements and inconveniences can be solved out through discussions and negotiations, that is to say, by speaking. Apart from humans, other living beings can manage to deal with all their problems by use of strength and force.
It is incumbent upon respective organisations involved to move toward the successful progress as hoped for Future Union of Myanmar. As per historical background which existed on its firm stance, there actually had been doubtful matters, anxieties and violation of mutual trust.
Had we approached by assessing who or which organization had done what kinds of mistake in which time, in other word had we approached with the question beginning with “Who,” flawless ones cannot be found, instead inter-allegations, giving explanations and challenges may be increasing. Only if we approach objectively why it happened, in other word, only if we approach with the question beginning with “Why”, will we get solution that can overcome challenges and move forward. We firmly believe like this.
Here, I would like to suggest that we will succeed in gaining peace promptly, without taking time in carrying out peace process like other countries, provided that we will find out which kinds of society our community is, and it was old but it was dignified with a high status.
What I want to present is that if we try to find out the civilization of our society, which is nearly out of our memory, that is, which is nearly out of our sight, I firmly believe that all the problems will be able to be solved promptly. At our salad days when we were young, we had been indoctrinated with an idea since the advent of monastic education or basic primary school. Our forefathers themselves taught us how much they exerted their effort to have built their society based on obligation, not based on right. They wanted us to retain the practice, and we as well never ever should forget it. As for me, I hereby would like to suggest that the practice should be revived again.
What I mean is that our ancestors did not give any rights to their offspring, by saying that these were rights and opportunities their children must get. What they gave was only obligations or parental duties. Our parents also gave us no rights, apart from obligations or filial duties. In the same way, rights and opportunities husband must get were given to wives as the latter’s obligations or duties or vice versa. I would like to conclude that it is the advanced civilization. As soon as rights are prioritized, selfishness, egoism and personal benefits follow them, causing conflicts between benefits and problems.
In dealing with these problems, it is assumed that problems will be able to solved in a short period of time, provided that respective organizations would take into consideration as to from which part they are responsible to take part, in the interest of the State, the Union and all of our national brethren, by reviving the above-said culture. I firmly believe that our kinds of solving the problems will never move forward, as long as we hold right base by claiming that you are also required to do for us in reciprocation if you want us to do something for you, or vice versa. Had our societies considered what kinds of obligations we must fulfill, disunity among us will disappear in a prompt way.
Here, there are two factors we must take care. In our human society that is required to follow obligation base, one-sided performance of obligations will never bring about eternal peace and stability in the country. The second important thing is that myriads of problems will appear if the person or organization that had performed obligation base for a long time, converted his opinions—obligations into rights.
May our challenges we are experiencing and we will have yet to face, change into the stairway. May our national brethren co-exist peacefully, by building up the federal democratic union as hoped, regardless of majority or minority and near or far!

Translated by Khin Maung Oo


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