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February 27, 2018

How much freedom and rights should Myanmar Children have?

The biological mother and father of Myanmar children are indeed great benefactors as well as mentors. The word Myanmar children represents all children including those who are offspring of the ethnic people, living across the country. Basically, Myanmar children learn everything from their parents at home before they are sent to nursery school. Generally, Myanmar parents give their children strict upbringing. Most of the Myanmar families are known as close-knit families. Besides, Myanmar parents are too possessive of their children and try to keep their children dependent on them. The parents normally teach basic Myanmar culture and social etiquette to their children. Thus the children are nurtured. A metaphorical expression “Precious jewels” is used to refer to the offspring. The expression reveals the attitude of Myanmar parents towards their offspring. The parents don’t mind to have as many as ten children of their own. This is a lovely Myanmar concept of having unlimited offspring.
We owe a debt of gratitude to our parents a lot. We live in a permissive age, one in which people are allowed to do almost anything they like. Is this good for children? As for Myanmar children, some are pampered and some are not pampered by their parents. Normally, in Myanmar society, the children from well-to-do family are pampered by their parents. Their freedom seems reckless and undisciplined because their parents always indulge them every whim. In other words, the aforesaid children run wild without control or supervision or correct guidance. Actually, these children are spoilt by their own parents. Consequently, this might lead to Juvenile delinquency with the children ending up in the courts, or it might simply make children self-centered, without any consideration for others. However, a strict upbringing by over-caring parents can make a child so timid and inhibited that he or she is unable to express freely his or her emotions and form mature relationships. Being dominated and ruled by the authoritarian parents, the child gets depression and inferiority complex. As a result, the child’s natural sense of adventure and curiosity are affected badly. The children from the poor family are not pampered by their parents since they live in impoverished life. According to the status and attitudes of the parents, the children in the poor family can enjoy the freedom to some extent. Nevertheless, majority of Myanmar children are given rights to get access to basic education free of charge by the state respectively. Otherwise, both rural and urban children can go to Monastic Education School conducted by Buddhist monks. It is an advantage for them to learn basic Myanmar language, ethics and Buddhist Culture. After completing primary level course, they can continue to pursue formative education when they reach adolescence. This is the right for children to get access to education in Myanmar. Up to this stage, Myanmar children are habituated with Myanmar traditional norms and religious teaching as well. This is a good foundation for them to become normal and well-adjusted human beings in future. What else to give them? Myanmar children should be allowed to do critical thinking freely without hindrance of customary thoughts and unreasonable prohibition made by parents. This practice will enable them to enhance their thinking power gradually. Parents must allow their children to enjoy freedom of thinking and welcome their children’s curiosity willingly. Also parents should allow their children to take up some hobbies as child rights. Their own children should be given the best suited rights and freedom. In order to prevent from unpleasant outcome, parents must not allow their children to watch X-rated movies or porno movies (both hard porn and soft porn) and horrific movies or violent movies as well. Since the children are not already in the age of maturity, they are not suitable to watch them. If they are allowed to watch such western movies, they might wrongly imitate the actions and behaviors shot in the western movies. These movies influence the children to behave bad things and even up to commit violence at school e.g. school violence in America. In this regard, the freedom of children should be considered whether it could be permissible or not. Myanmar parents must be wise enough to guide their children according to circumstances and atmosphere. Myanmar teachers are equally responsible for guiding of child development and they are to educate children about the negatives effects of watching violent movies and TV shows.
Children who come from less fortunate family cannot get access to education. Instead of going to school, they are engaged in odd jobs to earn money. They are engaged in cheap labor as well as in child labor in teashops, restaurants and grocery shops. They cannot enjoy freedom and rights as they have to struggle together with their parents for survival although they are small and young. Their future depends on the public charity or Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement or charitable NGO in Myanmar. The Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement should deliver services to those children in disadvantaged groups in Myanmar constantly. For example, orphans, children whose parents are internally displaced people, abandoned and displaced children, the children of destitute beggars and disabled children from poor family. They should enjoy rights and freedom of the child in Myanmar. The children from socially and educationally underprivileged groups in Myanmar must be upgraded effectively and widely by the government in Myanmar. The Department of Social Welfare is providing ‘Early childhood care and development services’ which will be beneficial to the children of the needy. Parents concerned must cooperate with the Department of Social Welfare Services. Parents are wholly responsible for caring and nurturing their children with warmth and love. They must protect their children from the child abuse by unscrupulous people so that their children can have freedom and rights. Moreover, the support for the children in orphan hood must be taken into consideration. They expect assistance and contribution from philanthropists, donors, charitable organizations and well-wishers indeed.
The children in border areas and remote areas are losing rights and freedom due to lack of transportations, communications and schools. They live with their parents in impoverished life hopelessly. Even then they encounter sporadic and terrible gunfire exchanges between government troops and ethnic armed groups. Unfortunately, the children in the conflict zones in Myanmar y have civil war trauma and some were persuaded or recruited to join ethnic armed groups .They become child soldiers in hostile conflict zones. Similarly, in some poverty stricken zones in Myanmar, some children were recruited or persuaded to join Myanmar armed forces. These acts reveal the violation of children’s rights indeed. This is an issue, but now the military personnel who recruited children as porters or soldiers are punished. Then the child soldiers in military services are being released to their parents or guardians concerned. This occurrence is mainly caused by the lack of access to education and poverty in some areas in Myanmar. All parents and governments concerned nationwide must fulfill the children’s rights and freedom. Since they have not reached adult stage, they must be under the correct guidance and protective custody of their parents or guardians concerned. Most importantly, the parents ought to send their children of five years old to schools by any means. The divisions and regions government s must be able to establish at least one primary school with voluntary teachers or recruited teachers in rural areas or in border areas or in remote areas in Myanmar. We all in Myanmar (inclusive of governments concerned) have to fulfill our children’s rights and freedom with compassions and kindness. Our children must be able to enjoy children’s rights and freedom as the children in the advanced societies in the world. Furthermore, we must prevent our children from child pedophile, child labor and, child soldier in Myanmar. We are also responsible for exposing the culprits and bringing them to justice so that our children will be safe from the danger of inhumane criminals.
As we all know, the most important age for any person is his or her early childhood. This is the part wherein a person is vulnerable to anything, and absorbs anything be it right or wrong. Normally, the events and environment shape the children’s personalities when they are going through their adolescence. During the formative years of childhood, parents and teachers must mould the children into good players of life struggle or into bright future. Unless they are trained to be good players, they might be rebellious against parents, teachers and authority. In Myanmar society, the children usually have respect for their teachers, parents and elders. We love our children and children should be given an opportunity to enjoy children’s rights and freedom which must be most suitable with their age and Myanmar culture. !!!


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