October 20, 2017

HORSE-drawn carriage in Minbu Township going to fade out

Horse-drawn carriages seen in Minbu.
Horse-drawn carriages seen in Minbu.

HORSE-drawn carriage in Minbu Township is going to disappear soon as the region sees the increasing number of three-wheeled vehicles and motorcycles.
A high price for horse feeds is one of major challenges to continue the horse-drawn carriage business, one of carriage driver said.
“There were more than 200 horses carts last five years. But now this number has reduced to about 40 as the prices for horse feeds were high and they earned less,” he added. “We normally earn around K5,000 (US$3.87) but we spend K3,000 ($2.32) from total income on feeding our horses.”
A horse is worth between K500,000 ($387.22) and K1 million ($774.44). The amount is equivalent to a three-wheeled motorcycle. Therefore, some carriage drivers shift to other jobs as passengers choose motorcycles and three-wheeled vehicles.
Those carriage drivers have to live on shoestring as they earn less income and the price for horse feeds becomes high. Now the value of a cart is equivalent to that of a three-wheeled motorcycle. So they buy the motor cycles by selling off their carriages.
Several quarrels have occurred between the horse-drawn carriage drivers and motorcyclists near Myoma Market in Minbu Township for passengers.




Phoe Htet (Minbu)


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