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February 27, 2018

HONEST BARGALNING — New govt to reinstate transparency in tender processes: Mon State minister

THE current government will carry out the announcement of tenders with transparency, unlike the previous government, which received criticism for its handling of tender processes, said U Min Htin Aung Han, the Mon State Minister for Electricity, Power and Industry at a press briefing on April 25.
“[Government] departments will be calling for tender bids before long. We are disseminating this news to the public at this juncture so they can be informed in advance. We want those who are actually working to get the contracts. We don’t want them to be won by those who have close links or connections, like in the past. This is being done in the name of unilateral development for small, medium and large-scale companies. Local residents will be prioritised.
People will work with a good nature if it is for the development of their region. The principal aspect is having complete transparency in the conduction of tender processes,” the minister said.
Entrepreneurs have said their experiences with the unsystematic conduction of business,together with a lack of transparency under the previous government, has meant they are still not able to trust the current government for lack of experience working together, but that they will continue to monitor the situation.
“There needs to be transparency in the calling of tender bids and the announcement of successful bidders—in all parts of the process. The region in which activities have been earmarked must be revealed in the calling of bids for tender. We want such announcements to be made to local township administrations as well as the press. The chances of foul play are that much more probable when the allocated time of accepting tender bids is short. [The government] is saying they will be open [with tender processes], but we are not yet convinced. We will keep our eyes on how the process unfolds,” said U Ko Ko Lat, managing director of the construction company KKLC.
The quality of tender activities will be systematically scrutinised by experts, with effective legal action to be taken against those who default on contract stipulations.
Minister U Min Htun Aung Han also said legal action against contract violators in road and bridge construction tenders will be scrutinised by independent experts.


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