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June 06, 2018

Higher demand for Myanmar traditional lacquerware

Myanmar lacquerware are mainly produced in Bagan.
Myanmar lacquerware are mainly produced in Bagan.

Lacquerware is one of Myanmar’s most intricate crafts. Myanmar traditional lacquerware which is produced in an old Inwa town, Tada U township, Mandalay region.  Hantharwady village area, is one of the most famous sites for Myanmar traditional lacquerware. Lacquer artists mostly produce traditional lacquerwares items such as Buddha images, votive objects and household pieces.
Lacquerware rice bowls have been increasingly in demand. The price of lacquerware depends on its quality but mostly sell in the markets for about Ks 150,000 per pair.   Bamboo and wood are used as the frame or base in making lacquerware. The artists need to take care in each of the seven separate steps required to produce the lacquerware.  Producing a Myanmar traditional rice bowl takes about seven days. Myanmar lacquerwares are readily available in Nay Pyay Lin lacquer.


Tain Taman


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