July 05, 2017

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Heroin and Stimulants seized

Bo Lay. Photo: MPF
Bo Lay. Photo: MPF

A local anti-drug squad seized heroin at a hut in Seikmu village, Phakant township on Tuesday. Acting on a tip- off, members of the police searched a hut inhabited by Ma Moh Moh Win, and found 0.165 kilos of heroin.
Similarly, an anti-drug squad in Magupyan seized 0.66kilos of heroin and 6,000 pills of stimulants from a motorbike on 19 January. The police stopped and searched the motorbike driven by Bo Lay near Magupyan village and discovered the drugs hidden in the vehicle. Local police seized 10,000 tablets of stimulants in a motorbike driven by Maung Na at Pinlaung- Loikaw road, near milepost 58/0. Besides, police found 5,000 pills of stimulants in a motorbike driven by Yan Cho Hpone with Ma Kyu Khwe on board at NamKham township.
The police filed charges against them under the anti-Narcotic Law.


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