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July 23, 2019

Help children develop a passion for reading from a young age

  • Studies have shown that citizens in developed countries read more books. According to science, kids who start reading at an early age go on to perform better on some intelligence tests.
    We already know reading is good for developing children’s minds and helps develop a healthy brain.
    Sadly, with the development of digital technology and social media, reading for leisure is declining across the world, including in Myanmar. With the rapid increase in mobile phone density in our country, the number of teens who read daily has dramatically dropped in recent years. This decline in reading is a cause for concern.
    Among the challenges we face today is preventing our children from taking up a morally questionable path due to wrong use of information technology.
    Hence, we would like to urge teachers and parents to encourage children and teens to read for pleasure and choose books on their own.
    The knowledge gained from books, and the skill set and attention required to digest concepts in books is quite different from glancing at a text message or a status update.
    We can broaden children’s literary experience through constant encouragement at school and home. If we encourage children, teens, and adults to discuss books, we will see them develop a love for books later.
    To achieve this, we must take children to a library often, or create a library for our children with new or used books. We must take children to activities such as children’s literary festivals, where they can play games and see how people love reading. A variety of books must be within the reach of children at home or in a library. We must encourage older children to read to their younger brothers and sisters, or have the whole family set aside some time to read together.
    Once a child considers a book as a friend, he or she will put down the phone and crack open a book, and he or she will never feel lonely. Because books are lifelong friends.
    What can parents do to make teenagers put down the phone and pick up a book?
    To restore a vibrant reading culture among our children, we must invest in literacy. Reading helps expand vocabulary and creates stronger analytical thinking and writing skills.
    It can also contribute to improved focus, concentration, and overall knowledge.
    Dear parents and teachers, we would like to encourage you to help children develop a passion for reading from a young age that will stick with them throughout their life. They will thank you later.


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