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June 06, 2018

Heartfelt voices of ethnic races heard

Union Minister Dr Win Myat Aye and Chief Minister U Nyi Pu hear heartfelt voices of minority ethnic races.  
Photo: MNA

Union Minister for Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement Dr Win Myat Aye and Rakhine State Chief Minister U Nyi Pu heard the voices of the minority ethnic races — Mro, Thet, Daingnet, Khamee, Rakhine — and Hindus at General Administration Department in Maungtaw yesterday.
“We are just the minority in Maungtaw region. We are terrorized by the murders of our kith and kin. We are farmers and we wish to return home when everything becomes normal. As we are a minority we want to live in groups. We want establishment of communal villages on the roads where we can live in unit with other ethnic races,” said Mros.
“We are one of the minority races of the region. Our village had only over 100 residents. In the surrounding areas live Bengalis numbering in thousands. So we may return home only after security improves to the satisfactory degree,” said a Daingnet.
A Thet said, “We will not dare living within the vicinity of terrorists as we are just a minority. That’s the reason we left our homes. We hope better security, transport and healthcare. We will dare return home only if there is enough security.”
“Of the 108 persons of the 23 households of Khamongseik Hindu village, 96 are still missing. Terrorists captured and took six women and three children to Bangladesh. While on the way Hindu women were raped. The terrorists threatened the women’s Hindu husbands into telling at video interview that their wives were killed by Rakhines. The video clip is posted on the social network. Now, they are saved by a Hindu religious leader in Bangladesh. We knew this through the telephone conversation with him. Of the over 600 Hindus of Ohhtaing village, 495 are taking refuge in Kutupalong village in Bangladesh. We know this from a phone conversation with them. But 144 are missing. So we like to ask necessary action to save the missing Hindus,” said a Hindu.
Ethnic Rakhines said, “Terrorist plant mines along the roads. We have witnessed arson attacks in Maungtaw. The town security must be tightened. As minority ethnic races are afraig to live in their villages their left their home. No one wants to leave the native land. So, sufficient security is required.”
Union Minister Dr Win Myat Aye thanked the ethnic peoples for their heartfelt voices. He said “the Union government and the state government are doing their best. The government is applying practical efforts in prioritizing the internal peace and the affairs of the national races. The government is providing humanitarian aids equally to every victim without any discrimination. We are now coordinating with minority races for the security of Maungtaw region. The government continues prioritizing long-term progress of health, education and transport of the ethnic peoples.”
He then presented K 7.1 million to 3586 displaced minority races living at the gathering points in Maungtaw. At the No 2 post primary school, he consoled the displaced Hindus and presented snacks and toys for children.
In Buthidaung in the afternoon, the Union minister, the chief minister and party heard the voices of minority ethnic Khamee, Mro, Daingnet, Rakhine races and Hindus who fled their homes due to ARSA terrorist attacks.
Most of the ethnics said, “Local natives and Daingnets, Thets, Mros, Khamees and Kayins and Hindus are minorities. We all are facing the terrorists attacks of the majority Bengalis of the area. We are terribly frightened by the terrorists’ brutal attacks and murders on us. We are now troubling with fear. Although there is security we are still worried.”
The Union minister and party presented K 4.6 million to 2329 minority races living in Buthidaung. In the evening they sought counsel from the abbot monk of Maniyadana monastery in Sittway. After consoling the displaced persons there, they observed mental healthcare for the victims and child parks and child mental healing measures of the Social Welfare Department. They also provided aids for the expected mothers, mothers, the disabled and children under two.
They also provided K 10.7 million for 5365 displaced ethnic races.—Myanmar News Agency


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