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February 26, 2018


Tin Maung Than

Thanks to the cell phones young sweethearts as well as married couples of all ages can contact each other for having heart-to-heart chats at any time from almost any place however far they are from one another. In the past when there were no cell phones if your beloved one was not near you, you found it very difficult to contact with him or her. Sometimes and in some places, contacts could be made only through mail as landline telephones were not widely available. Besides phone charges were rather high and trunk calls were mostly difficult or unclear.
Because of their occupation or business, sometimes married couples live separately. In some cases, the husband or the wife is away from home travelling on business or working in a faraway place. Sometimes both are away from home working in different places miles and miles apart. In such situation couples especially married pairs could not talk to each other or even know about one another for long months. It was an annoying and frustrating situation for both the husband and wife as they might have urgent cases, important matters, personal problems, family affairs, financial issues or business concerns to discuss in time.
But now, cell phones have made everything possible. These gadgets have almost solved all the abovementioned problems. More than that, couples nowadays can check or spy each other through surprise calls at unexpected times or through frequent calls. They can know what the other is doing by contacting friends or neighbours. They can consult an important matter and make final decisions through the mobile phones. What’s more they can argue or debate or even quarrel over and over again on air. Arguing is one of the common practices of nearly all the married couples, as they always agree to disagree. Without arguments or quarrels married life is not complete. Married couples, especially the ones with longer married lives, trend to make arguments, debates or disputes even on minor issues. Although couples had chosen each other as the correct soulmates guaranteed by their many many bilateral promises of mutual concessions and indulgences, they actually have diverse views, opposite perspectives, different likes all hidden under the powerful force called “love” during their days as sweethearts, and till the early married life. As time goes by, this powerful force gradually melts away, becoming weaker and weaker and can no longer conceal these differences. So, the honeymoon is over as their true nature appears. The husband would go his own way in dealing a problem while the wife chooses another way, insisting that hers is better. Although their goal is the same, their approaching methods are different leading towards arguments on who can better handle this matter. Some of the couples, especially husbands, avoid having long conversations with their spouses because the longer a conversation is the higher the possibilities are for an argument or a disagreement. In the past couples living apart for economic or occupational reasons normally had fewer chances for an argument or a dispute. But now it has become a thing of the past thanks to the cell phones that have become our everyday life. Wives who are keen on disagreeing with their husbands usually love making long or frequent phone calls with their Yeobos (sweeties).
With the help of mobile phones, a housewife can also detect her husband whether he is with another woman, or at a bar, or playing cards or gambling, or having a good time with his friends. As a result the progress in the utility of these tiny devices has extensively widened the wife’s reconnaissance power and network while drastically shrinking the husband’s screen. So, guys don’t forget to have a nice heart-to-heart chat with your wife, or else she would become suspicious of your moves!


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