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June 11, 2018

Harvesting machines sent to Maungtaw in time to reaping paddy

Harvesting machines are seen before being sent to Maungtaw.
Harvesting machines are seen before being sent to Maungtaw.

As peace and stability are restored in the Maungtaw region, the Rakhine State Cabinet and ministry of agriculture, livestock and irrigation have sent harvesting machines to local farmers to reap the paddy in time, according to state head office of agricultural department.
U Toe Wai, head of the agricultural department, Rakhine State said, “As the area regained its stability and peace, local ethnic farmers need to harvest their paddy soon. For this, harvesters have been sent to them — 30 units by Rakhine State Government and 10 units by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation (MALI). Failing that, there may be crop wastage increasing. Ways of how to using these machines will be shared with farmers. These can be manipulated even by females. They are convenient for the area as they have small-scale farms.”
Each harvester reaps 3 to 5 acres per day and it costs only K10,000 for one acre with a minimal volume of wastage, it is learnt.
U Toe Wai added, “A harvester consumes less labour and time, solving labour problems.”
According to local farmers, the Maungtaw area has enjoyed good weather and there will be high yields from paddy. Out of 80,000 paddy growing acres, ethnic locals own some 10,000 acres.


Min Thit (MNA)


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