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June 24, 2018

Government pledges to do its very best to ensure 2015 general elections are clean, free, and fair

My Fellow Citizens,
As I have done previously, I would like to give you the monthly update on the work of my government, and the developments that have taken place in our country.
Our country’s greatest political needs are internal peace and national reconciliation. Therefore, since my government took office, and throughout the peace process, our efforts have been underlined by mutual respect, equality, and a shared objective of achieving peace.
So far, we have achieved two significant successes in the peace process that are unprecedented. All sides have recognized first, that armed conflict is a political issue that must be settled through political means. Second, a Union based on federal principles must be built to ensure equality for all ethnic groups. These achievements are the result of numerous and time consuming negotiations between representatives of the government and ethnic armed groups.
For these reasons, the latest draft of the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA)has gained more significance and will contribute those achievements more sustainable. Because the government respects the goodwill of all the leaders that have made these positive developments possible, we will continue with our efforts to conclude the signing of the agreement. I firmly believe conditions exist to bring about a positive outcome for the peace process.
Turning now to constitutional amendments, a constitution may be amended from time to time to reflect the changing times and political developments. The political dialogue stage of the peace process will involve constitutional amendments. I respect the current nascent efforts at amending the constitution since they represent a significant political movementin our country.
Political movements are now more intense and competitive. However, since these movements are a feature of a democratic system, I believe they will not affect the country’s stability. Major political parties have also announced their political stance that the electoral process is the right path to achieving their political objectives. The credible electoral process, and political leaders’ vision will promote stability. As the first civilian government to hold office in many years, my government pledges to do its very best to ensure the 2015 general elections are clean, free, and fair.
In June, Myanmar hosted the high level strategic meeting of the Ayeyawady-Chao Phraya-Mekong Economic Cooperation in Nay Pyi Taw. We discussed important issues relating to improving economies, livelihoods, education, and health of the countries in the region. At the end of June, I visited Mongolia to discuss strengthening relations and cooperation.
I am committed to achieving internal peace, improving livelihoods, and ensuring better lives for future generations. By learning from past experiences, I firmly believe we will be ale to sustain these processes, accomplish democratic reforms, and overcome the challenges facing our country. I conclude this month’s radio address by reaffirming my pledge to work towards a better future for our country.
I wish you all good health and happiness.


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