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February 26, 2018

Good management benefits employers and employees alike

There is a general but false assumption in our country that inactivity and detachment can sustain your position at work. A majority of workers, mostly from government organisations, have been accustomed to this mere speculative hypothesis. In other words, they are used to acting on instructions from above.
It is understandable that job security matters most for us to support our families while many people are to eke out a miserable existence in the sluggish economy of the country. However, job security in this sense should not be mistaken for a situation in which employees will not be fired without apparent reasons. In fact, job security occurs when employees develop a sense of well-being at work with enchanting prospects for promotion and without secret worries of losing their jobs. Once employees feel job security, they will no doubt do their best for the organisation that employs them.
With the democratic reform taking shape over the past five years, good opportunities are opening up for all of us to roll up our sleeves in pursuit of knowledge and skills necessary for better employment that offers appropriate pay, merit pay and affordable health care benefits.
Now is the time for employers and employees to understand the simple rule that their mutual desire to work together benefits both sides in the long run. After all, employers, on their part, need to create a happy workplace, whereas employees need to return their best services.


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