October 21, 2017

Good governance brings happiness

People in developed nations seem to be happier than those in the developing ones. People in the least-developed countries (LDCs) must be the least-happy people.
According to research on this subject, average happiness differs remarkably across nations, and there seems to be a pattern in these differences. A study of 127 countries conducted in 2006 indicates a strong correlation between the quality of governance and the average happiness of citizens. The correlation between technical quality and happiness is +0.75, whereas that between democratic quality and happiness is +0.60. Another noteworthy finding is that technical quality correlates with happiness in both rich and poor nations, whereas democratic quality correlates with happiness only in rich nations.
That being the case, what Myanmar should expect from its new government is not democratic quality but the improvement of the technical quality of governance; this may cause Myanmar people to grow happier.
Furthermore, the quality of governance appears to have a stronger relationship with happiness than the size of a government: the correlation between quality and happiness is independent of the size of a government, while the correlation between size and happiness fully depends on quality.
In this regard, it is also worth noting that the correlation between technical quality and happiness seems to be independent of culture, meaning all people, regardless of country of origin, have stronger likelihood of being happy as long as the technical quality of governance where they live is high. This indicates that technically good governance is a universal condition for happiness, not just a figment of western ideology.
Also, when the democratic quality of governance in a country improves, it has been shown to add substantially to the positive effects of technical quality once technical quality has reached a certain threshold.
Therefore, with the incumbent regime having not enough time to improve the quality of governance in the country, The Global New Light of Myanmar would like to urge the new administration to prioritise improving the technical quality of governance in Myanmar, then promote the democratic quality later, in order to ensure that people’s happiness improves as quickly as possible.


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