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March 01, 2018

Gold fish lovers on the increase in Mandalay

Goldfish breeders in Mandalay thronged with buyers.
Goldfish breeders in Mandalay thronged with buyers.

GOLDFISH breeders in Mandalay have expanded their market to fulfil the needs of local goldfish lovers, selling different species of the variously coloured fish.
“We currently display various kinds and sizes of goldfish in plastic bags for
sale at a place in front of the Mandalay Palace moat two days per week, with prices ranging from K2,000 (US$1.58) to K15,000 ($11.87),” a breeder said.
“We also sell glass boxes to keep goldfish in”. “Oranda, Black Moor and Bubble Eye species see high demand, more so than others in the region.”
A pet lover elaborated on his feeling of keeping fish, saying that he believes keeping goldfish bring good financial luck.




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