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February 26, 2018

Goat farmers unhappy with the decrease in price

A woman driving goats to grazing land in central Myanmar.
A woman driving goats to grazing land in central Myanmar.

Goat farmers and goat herders from Mahlaing Township, Mandalay Region are not doing well because of a sharp drop in the goat price, it is learnt.
Previously, the price of goat was Ks45,000 to Ks50,000 per head.
The current price of the goat is less than half that, around Ks20,000 per head. The market has cooled significantly with little demand. Some farmers who want to keep a goat as a pet sometimes come to purchase a male, but there is virtually no demand for female goats, which breed twice a year.
“The drop in the market price of the goat has been occurring for three months. When the goat herders sell the big goat for money, the buyers do not want to offer even Ks20,000 per head”, said a goat herder from Myitkyin village.
“The goat farmers as well as the goat herders are suffering losses. Therefore, the goats are returned to their owners”, said a goat owner.


Aung Htay (Mahlaing)


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