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February 26, 2018

GNLM’s Sunday Special Issue to generate the interest of students in English!

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • It is a noteworthy saying that any kind of language should be studied. Especially, at such a time when the country is communicating with other countries globally on its move towards a federal democratic union, foreign languages happen to play an important role. Accordingly, not only students but also adult learners are increasingly coming to spend most of their time learning a foreign language to improve their academic studies, with adults desirous of going abroad for jobs queuing up to enter private language teaching classes. Though being language schools which give intensive language courses only, they are paving a smooth way to their destinations. Admittedly, they all know that it would take them time to master a language or to apply it well. Generally, we need to know a foreign language for our individual progress. We need to gain proficiency and gain mastery of the foreign language because the country stills needs to acquire knowledge and cutting-edge technologies from developed countries.
    Usually, a graduate spends a period of over a decade or so to study English in schools, universities and colleges. Most of them and authorities concerned themselves are well convinced that students regretfully spent their academic schooling getting only a smattering knowledge of English. This is not attributed to their poor IQs (Intelligence Quotient). In fact, youths are astute at learning. Had they benefited from correct teaching methods from their able teachers, they would have had satisfactory proficiency. And, now is not the time to blame and argue as to who were responsible for this. State leaders and responsible persons know it very well.
    The Minister for Information has launched an initiative to fulfill the present need in the education sector, and of course the co-operation of other ministries, especially the Ministry of Education is needed. There are over 45,000 basic education schools and over 150 universities and colleges across the country. Teachers are the sculptors who will shape the futures of their students. So, they need to be proficient in the English language regardless of their posts and status. Generally, students tend to emulate their teachers. Teachers, service personnel and employees lack spare hours to learn languages they want to study at private classes and to attend diploma courses conducted by institutions such as the UFL (University of Foreign Languages). Now, they all have a chance to fulfill their needs, without moving an inch from their sedentary positions. Not only for students but also for the adults on jobs, GNLM has issued Sunday Special papers to read and to try their hands at creative writing—poems, short stories and articles. In other words, the program can be said to be a nursing ground for neo-writers to set foot into the literary field. That being so, the Ministry of Education should encourage all the teaching staff to take the present opportunity or to fill the book-shelves of school libraries with the Myanmar news papers, journals and Dailies in English version, for the sake of our country and our younger generations. Now, let us—the government, the Ministries, Education Department, teachers and parents—broaden our children’s scope of knowledge and build up a well-developed nation, joining hand in hand with each other.


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