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October 19, 2018

Give Back Pavements to Us!

  •  By Than Phyo Naing [Kanyingyo]

With the changing development of the era, the present day’s highways across the nation are being extended and upgraded in accordance with the international standard. Now is the time when the urbanization programs are also being renovated for the betterment. In our country, the existing Union Road [the former one] is under modernization to link with other roads of other countries in the region by extending the road area on both sides to become 4-way Road, paving nylon-tarmac roads and rebuilding narrow bridges which existed for many years into extended bridges. And, cities and towns along the Union Road started to be implemented with pavements, car stands and parking grounds included according to the designated standards of modernized urbanization system. Finding pavements in the cities such as Yangon and MandalayIf asked what people want most in such a time, it is none other than bringing about the comparatively acceptable pavements for the grass-root people. The cause of it can be found on studying Yangon, the economic hub of the country where one-tenth of the national populace is living. In some major parts of the city there are kinds of road we want, but in many parts people are still losing streets on which they can freely walk. Easily can be seen the situations the public cannot care-freely move on in many places. There can be seen vendors eking out their living on the roads. In some townships conditions are becoming worse. On a glimpse of Mandalay, the cultural city of Myanmar, similar patterns can be seen. There are not any pavements seen in many places.

Occupying more spaces for own sake On seeing some places with pavements as well, dwelling abodes on roadsides can be seen extending curio shops or stalls in front of their house, placing things or barriers, growing flower plants and building canopies. Not only in Yangon and Mandalay, but also in many towns, same patterns can be seen. Roadside dwellers and sellers are causing obstacles for pedestrians to freely go on pavements. They monopolized these pavements for their own sake only. These incidents are like being neglected by authorities concerned, such as township development committees, internal revenue departments and public construction works. They seem to consider pavements to be their private ones. Finding solution over current performances Here, I would like to liken the matter to the actual incident. The Union Road [the former one] is being extended into 4-Way-Road-Nylon-Tarmac Street. In doing so, bridges along the roads are being renovated in accord with the designated standards. Concurrently, houses along the Road were fulfilled with characteristics of a town such as pavements and drainage ditches made in front of houses.  In doing so, with the increasing amounts of vehicles, for trucks, lorries and home-used sedans to safely commute in towns roads are being extended, with pavements made for pedestrians to safely walk, so that road accidents cannot claim lives.

Misunderstanding the falsity as truth & public disobedience of rules Yet, town dwelling populace does not seem to be well convinced of the fact, returning to previous conditions—attempts to cover ditches of their own accord to open stalls on the pavements. They fail to recognize the pavements are for pedestrians to go on, until now. In facts, those pavements existed since the olden days when rule of law covered the whole region. But later on, with the changing time rule of law gradually deteriorated more and more, occupying pavements by opening stalls and building annexes and canopies. Prescriptions included in the promulgated law for us to study In actuality, we have a lot to learn, concerning the prescriptions included in the promulgated law. Those are strictly prescribed in township development committee law, which includes beautification and construction of buildings in detail. It is separately prescribed for administration bodies to perform and for town-dwellers to abide by. For example, town-dwellers must keep rubbish packed in a bag just prior to the arrival of garbage collector, for systematic disposal of garbage. Garbage collectors must regularly come to collect, with a view to developing habits of caring environmental sanitation. Also included it is for pedestrians and passers-by to be paid care and for drainage not to be blocked with dirt. It is strictly prohibited not to open stalls on pavement and covered ditches.For beautifying urbanization system, authorities are required to supervise in accord with all the instructions to inspect places necessary to know as to whether those living in abodes ensure abide by rules and laws. The law includes sectors on giving punishments if rules are violated, and those taking responsibility of the tasks are also to be taken action if they fail to perform duties.
Risks of car accidents Due to weakness of authorities concerned who are practically implementing, who deal with the law and failure to abide by, as for inhabitants in towns, people had lost pavements for them to freely walk for a long time. In most townships, people had to live on streets as they lost pavements/platforms. Thus, people are becoming prone to accidents. The town itself is gradually becoming untidy and ugly before we recognized.
Collective cooperation for future generation To sum it up, as for the staff and government service personnel they are required to bring about creation of pavements for pedestrians to freely and safely walk on, which existed since a long time ago, for the sake of the people, as prescribed in the law.


 Translated by Khin Maung Oo  


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