July 08, 2017

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Germany pledges $ 28 million for rural development, aquaculture and Myanmar Railways

The German Government pledged another 25 million euro (about US$28 million) Financial and Technical Assistance to rural electrification projects (grid extensions), the Railway Workshop in Yawhtaung (Sagaing Region), the support of Aquaculture projects and alternative agriculture in Southern Shan townships affected by opium poppy cultivation.
The promised aid also includes immediate relief for flood affected areas in Rakhine State in the amount of 250,000 euro (more than US$ 269,000).
The Rural Electrification Programme consists of a 13.7 million euro (more than US$ 14.7 million) loan to increase sustainable and affordable access to electricity. Aimed at households and enterprises in rural Shan State areas, it intends to decrease accidental burns and respiratory disease caused by conventional lighting. Additionally, the increased availability of electricity to charge cell phones and radios will enable access to information and knowledge. A 2.5 euro million (more than US$ 2.69 million) grant will support technical assistance to the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Rural Development with regard to the implementation of the National Electrification Plan (NEP).
In southern Shan region, Germany aims to secure alternative financial means for families relying on opium poppy cultivation. Around 1,500 families will be aided in transferring to legal and sustainable agricultural production (coffee, bananas, and beans etc.). The German Government and its implementing agency GIZ will closely work together with the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Central Committee for Drug Abuse Control (CCDAC) and UNODC.
A joint cooperation endeavor between the Governments of Myanmar, Germany and the European Union will promote towards the development of sustainable aquaculture. The German side has pledged to 2.5 million euro (more than US$ 2.69 million) in the Shan region, to increase capacity building, climate change resilience, and sustainable intensification and management of aquaculture farms.
Through these measures the two Governments have paved the way for an intensive and close cooperation which should promote a long-term sustainable development, focused on rural areas.—German Embassy


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