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March 02, 2018

Fundamental principles can avoid repetition of erroneous past

Myint Win Thein

Our world is always changing and so are our concepts. However, we should not abandon our basic principles if we really love and respect our fundamental values as human beings, as these principles were developed during the course of human history. They are important for avoiding our erroneous past.
Nevertheless, we are sometimes amazed when we see an unexpected, completely opposite conceptual change in a person. As a result, we often say that we cannot understand such a person because that person now embodies something once he or she hated the most. That person may be pretentious at some points in his or her life.
On the other hand, it is not so difficult to understand behavioral and conceptual changes of people if we comprehend the concept of a sociologist that says that “It is not consciousness that determines life, but rather life that determines consciousness”.
Our changing lives are reshaping our concepts and behaviour. That is why we sometimes surprise our friends. It is natural for us to adapt to our changing lives. However, we should not abandon our basic principles if we really love and respect our fundamental principles as human beings. For example, we should not treat others in the manner we do not want to be treated. This is one of our most important principles as human beings. There are also many other basic principles we should always follow.
Concepts may change with our lives, but we should always uphold our basic principles as a human being endeavoring for progress. When a society does not value its fundamental principles, society will always be in the circle of the horrible past, where every mistake is repeated with no end in sight. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for us as human beings to respect our basic principles, wherever and whenever.


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