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May 20, 2019

Fulfilling one’s duty to the nation

  • The people of the Union have designated their territory and their particular race in each of the state or region they are living in but they have also acknowledged that a variety of other ethnic races are living peacefully in the same area with them. This peaceful coexistence is a mark of pride for one’s region and is also a pride of the entire Union.
    No matter where they are living in the country, all ethnic races are living together in harmony based on the Union spirit. This is both noble and honorable. To achieve this status requires working towards and fulfilling strengthening the nation, procuring prosperity, peace and stability. Myanmar is not a developed country yet so we have some way to go before we achieve equitable rights and reduction in wealth inequality.
    Genuine development assures everyone the same improvements and prosperity. A country’s wealth can be measured in the skills and capabilities of its people. Only when the people are skilled will the nation be on the right path to achieving its objectives. These remarks were made by the State Counsellor during her meeting with the local residents of Khamti Township on 6 March.
    The stakeholders of Myanmar are paving the way towards a democratic federal Union that promises all-encompassing peace and development in the country. With this comes the responsibility to ensure that development is uniform across all levels of the nation. This responsibility rests squarely on the shoulders of those who have assumed office but there is also a certain degree of shared responsibility with each citizen.
    The State Counsellor mentioned on that same day that the most important duty of a citizen is to first be conscientious towards one’s nation, and then to one’s state or region, then to one’s township or ward or village, and then finally to one’s family and social circle.
    The unity, cohesiveness, and conscious adherence to one’s duty of each citizen is the driving force for national development. The strength gathered through diversity is a recipe for success, and everyone must realize their duty to the Union to prevent our differences from separating us. When the citizens are fulfilling their duty to the Union and have the opportunity to communicate and exchange thoughts with the people who have taken up the duties of the nation, then our objective of uniform development will be within reach.


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