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March 01, 2018

France made antique car can be observed in Yangon free of charge

Photo: Thant Zin Win
Photo: Thant Zin Win

A France made antique car, assumed to be invented in the earliest period of car inventions, has been moved to Yangon from Bagan.
A French man got this car serviced at an industrial zone in 2007 and a rich man from Myanmar purchased and he displayed his car at the museum in Bagan since then.
There is no brand affixed to this car because it was in the earliest period of invention. The wheels were made of the wood axis around which the tyres were fit. This car speed is 25 miles per hour, being able to carry four passengers. Previously, this car was recorded in the lists of antique cars. The engine used in three wheeled bicycle was installed in this car because the original engine worn out. This car is rather similar to 1898 modeled Renault from France.
Those interested had to pay US$30 to observe this car while it was displayed at Bagan museum. They will give more charges if they want to take photo with this car. Now, this car can be observed free of charge in front of the owner’s house which is located on 42nd Street (lower block). People are very much interested in this, said the owner.
Auto car museums are placed at the western countries to display the antique cars for the visitors to drive to enjoy a different taste in a different moods, it is learnt from youtube videos. The cars displayed at the western auto museums are De Dion-Bouton, Type Q de 1903 and 1908 De Dion Bouton Landaulette. The first sport car can be driven at a speed of 45 mph. These sport cars were manufactured with the use of bronze and wood.
In 1912, more auto designs were invented: Hupmobile Twenty Roadster, Dodge Brother Tourer Baujahr 1917, Delage Baujahr 1908, Huchet Baujahr 1911, Flahders Twenty Baujahr 1912, Krit Baujahr 1910, Stellite Open 2-seater Baujahr 1915, Delage B 1 Baujahr 1915 with five passengers, Calcott Cabriolet Baujahr 1914, Le Zebre Motorkutsche Baujahr 1912, Overland Sport Baujahr 1912, Overiand Open Tourer Baujahr 1910, Hansa A 8/18 Baujahr 1908, Lorraine-Diethrich Tonneau Baujahr 1098,  Overland Sport  and various Over Turn designs. —Thant Zin Win


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