September 22, 2017

Foreign tourists plant trees for Magwe Region locals

A foreigner participates in planting trees in Myaing.
A foreigner participates in planting trees in Myaing.

FOREIGN travelers visiting the Community Based Tourism (CBT) initiative being implemented in villages of Myaing Township, Magwe Region, are reportedly working together with local residents to plant trees that will provide shade.
The project is allegedly being carried out in a bid to mitigate deforestation to the area and conserve the natural environment.
“The planting of trees has been added to the CBT program in order to focus on environmental conservation. Once the area near the guest house has been fully planted, focus will shift to potentially planting atop of the deforested hillsides. We set a fee of US$5 per foreigner. They have their name written on plastic and attached to the sapling. Foreign guests participate by planting the trees themselves.” said U Myint Sein, assistant director of the Directorate of Hotels and Tourism for Magway Region. More than 450 shade giving trees, of varieties such as eucalyptus and margosa, have been planted since May this year by local residents and foreign travelers as part of the Myaing CBT. “Even foreign tourists pay to plant trees. We’ve added the tree planting activity to the schedule after local residents voiced foreigner should plant them. There’s 270 acres upon which to plant trees. Anyone is allowed to come and plant trees as long as they are shade givers.” said U Hsan Htun, chair of the Myaing CBT committee.
A total of 295 foreigner tourists took part in the CBT in Myaing Township between January-May of this year, while it is reported the addition of tree planting to the CBT program will entice over a thousand foreigners to the project throughout 2016.—Myitmakha News Agency


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