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March 01, 2018

Food reaches flood victims in Sagaing

Volunteers deliver food to flood victims at Thathana Waiponla Monastery in Hmanpin Village, Homalin Township. Photo: Supplied

While the weather bureau has warned the people in low-lying areas near the Chindwin River, a philanthropic organization delivered meals to flood victims who lost their homes destroyed by erosion of the Chindwin River recently.
Meteorology and Hydrology Department has advised the people yesterday who are living near the river and low-lying areas to take precaution measures as the water level in the river is rising.
Meals for lunch and dinner have been distributed by KBZ’s Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation to about 150 victims are sheltering at the Thathana Waiponla Monastery in Hmanpin Village, Homalin Township, Sagaing Region, from 8th to 10th July.
The philanthropic organization also delivered lunch and dinner boxes to 960 flood victims in three wards in Khamti on 7th July. According to the 10.30 hr observation yesterday, the water levels have exceeded by about 4 feet at Khamti, about 2 feet each at Homalin and Phaungpyin, about 5 ½ feet a Mawlaik, about 3 ½ feet each Kalewa and Minkin and about 1 foot at Monywa of the Chindwin River above their respective danger levels. The water level is expected to rise about 1 ½ feet at Khamti today, about 2 ½ feet at Homalin, about  feet at Phaungpyin, about 1 ½ feet each at Mawlaik and Kalewa, about 1 foot at  Minkin  during the next three days and about one foot at Monywa during the next four  days and may remain above their  respective danger levels.—MHD and Thura Lwin (Eco)


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