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February 26, 2018

Fisheries federation requests permission to transport goods on passenger buses

THE Myanmar Fisheries Federation (MFF) has requested that the Union Commodity Price Stability Committee permit the shipment of seafood to areas in Upper Myanmar where fish and shrimp are scarce, according to the federation.
As a result of the prohibition on transporting fish and shrimp on highway passenger buses to towns in Upper Myanmar issued last November, those towns now face a shortage of seafood. The MFF lodged its request in the third week of January 2016 for permission to be reinstated.
“People in those upper regions used to be able to access fresh fish and shrimp because we could transport it via commercial passenger vehicles. Traders bound together to send up the food when transportation permission via highway buses was withdrawn, but our produce didn’t reach the local markets in time. As a result, our fish cannot be consumed fresh anymore, causing prices to rise,” said U Win Kyaing, general secretary of the MFF.
He continued that the government should grant permission for seafood to be transported by highway vehicles since traders are not able to transport their catches in cold storage vehicles.
“Tourist carriers have said that they can’t meet expenses by just ferrying passengers. Their business is only viable if they can also make earnings from transporting goods. As such, permission to transport goods should be brought back,” said U Win Kyaing.


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