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June 07, 2018

Fisheries department plans to make a splash by reeling in illegal fishing boats

Fishing boats being anchored at Thidarseik Jetty in Yangon on 18 May.
Fishing boats being anchored at Thidarseik Jetty in Yangon on 18 May.

Illicit fishing vessels will face the might of the feared and respected Fisheries Department this month, an official from the department has said, vowing to “scale” up operations to reel in unlawful boats that stray into forbidden waters.
Starting from 2010-2011, restricted areas for catching the fish have been prescribed in the areas of fishing in Taninthayi, Ayeyawady and Yangon regions, and in Rakhine and Mon states. The restricted period is the breeding and the growth season of the fish.
This year, the restricted period is set from May to July. This month is the last month of the restricted period, and so, the number of fishing vessels is planned to be less than that of the previous years.
The restricted fishing season was prescribed up to August in previous years. The change in the restricted period was attributed to the aquatic ecosystem and the climate conditions.
Illegal fishing has been going on during the restricted period and so the authorities concerned and supportive locals will jointly take severe actions against those disobedient owners of the illicit fishing vessels in those restricted areas.




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