June 29, 2017

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First phase of Bago Industrial Park City to be completed by year’s end

The initial phase of the Bago Industrial Park project at Bawnatkyi village-tract, Bago Region, is slated to be complete by the end of this year according to i-Land Myanmar.
The industrial park will be home to textile dyeing and printing enterprises as well as bag manufactures, electrical companies and garment factories. The initial phase will encompass developing the park’s infrastructure and includes the construction of 4,030 meter-long road sections, water pipes distributing water to each site, a sewage treatment plant and establishing a link between the site and the Bago Electricity transmission lines and a park Wi-fi network. The industrial park will be constructed in accordance with eco-friendly guidelines on 182 acres of land at Field No 1393 of Naungkwan, Bawnatkyi village tract, Bago Region. Once built, it is hoped the park will generate foreign direct investment and create job opportunities for locals.—200


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