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June 24, 2018

Fighting breaks out between Tatmadaw troops and SSA (Wanhai)

Map shows locations where fighting happened.
Map shows locations where fighting happened.

TATMADAW columns have carried out area consolidation operations in villages in Hsipaw and Lashio townships as they received information tip-offs that SSA (Wanhai) armed group had encroached upon out-of-bound areas.
During clashes, skirmishes and engagements the Tatmadaw columns captured seven enemy dead together with small arms, ammunition, wireless sets, mines, illegal assorted timber and vehicles etc.
Although the SSA (Wanhai) armed group has participated in meetings to discuss the signing of the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA), they have not signed it yet and are now reportedly encroaching upon areas close to towns, building camps in the jungle, recruiting soldiers, collecting extortion money and troubling the local populace, it is alleged.
In the fighting on 5 May and on Friday some members of
the Tatmadaw including a commanding officer were killed in action.
As the SSA group also allegedly carried out offensive activities during March and April of this year, and is still encroaching upon out-of-bound areas, beating and abducting local villagers, carrying out explosive attacks and extracting timber illegally, the Tatmadaw has issued warnings and in the event of any violation of the six-point principle of Tatmadaw peace policy the Tatmadaw will respond with force.  So far the Tatmadaw has carried out area consolidation operations in accordance with the duties vested under Article 341 of the 2008 constitution.





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