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February 28, 2018

Field workers thrive on Monywa onion plantations

Farmers work in onion plantation in Monwya.
Farmers work in onion plantation in Monwya.

FIELD workers on cold-season plantations in Monywa Township, Sagaing Divisional Region, are reportedly receiving stable, adequate incomes. The plantations grow various beans, wheat and onions.
This year, onions fetch the highest returns.“The price of onions is high, so farmers are mostly growing onions. Eighteen field workers in a group can earn K130,000 from a one-acre plantation. Women plant, and men do the watering. A male field worker can also be hired for K4,000 per day.
Onions take two months to mature. The fields take another four months to harvest, during which time the field workers earn daily wages in the fields,” says farmer U Win Maung of Kyweye Village.“In northern Monywa, Kone and Inn onion strains are planted.
The yield of an acre of Kone onions fetches between 5,390 and 9,240 kilos.
The yield of the Inn onion strain is about 12,320 kilos per acre. We planted mostly onions this year as the price in the market is very high. Field workers are in high demand and earning well,” the farmer added.


Po Chan


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