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December 13, 2018

Federal Union to be built up with national unity

  • By Khin Maung Oo
  • With the strength of peace and development of a nation, the national dignity of that country’s citizens as well will rise up automatically. To put it simply, as addressed by the State Counsellor, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the nation would be able to stand tall in the midst of all the countries of the world so that no nation would dare to insult us. The State Counsellor herself said that the fundamental requirement to become such a country would be to achieve Union Peace, based on National Reconciliation. If there is National Unity there will be Union Peace.
    The nearly-70-year-long internal armed conflicts would come to an end only if political agreements will be achieved through the dialogues of the Union Peace Conference – 21st Century Panglong. The Union Government, the Tatmadaw and all the armed national ethnic groups had the unanimous conception that the only goal of holding political dialogues is to establish the Federal Union. That belief has created the hope for the future Federal Union. Accordingly, the target of holding political dialogues is none other than laying down fundamental principles relating to the Federal Union. Especially, the State Counsellor gave guidance to exert efforts for laying down fundamental principles regarding the Federal Union as a foundation during the period till the year 2018 from now on.
    The State Counsellor instructed that reviews and reforms on the framework of political dialogues must be performed to perfection provided that we are really desirous of grasping the aim of the political dialogues, simultaneously emphasizing that it is of great importance to draw the SOP—Standard Operating Procedures needed for success and effectiveness in practically implementing the agreements. It was also pointed out that unpractical SOP’s would be only as words written on paper.
    Furthermore, the State Counselor stressed that the proficiency and competency in office work plays an important role for the successful of performance of the UPDJC leading to the success of the political dialogues. The State Counsellor highlighted that office workers need to be competent in office routines and also have the right spirit for work. To sum it up, we humbly request all our national forces to firmly grasp the need for national unity through negotiations, keeping in our minds the State Counsellor’s speech that the door to the political negotiations table is always open for all the armed national ethnic groups to take part in signing the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement, for the successful establishment of the Federal Union.


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