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March 01, 2018

Farmers turn to seasonal crops to fulfil market demand

Farmers turn to seasonal crops to fulfil market demand.
Farmers turn to seasonal crops to fulfil market demand.

TO meet the market demand, growers in Yesagyo have grown seasonal crops and flowers instead of growing their regular annual crop.   “It costs at least K 200 per plant on market. The growers gain profit of K150 after investment and thus the growers are able to earn
K 7,500,000 for 50,000 plants. Those who want to purchase the beautiful flora have to pay the higher price. Horticultural work is handed over by the old generation and the younger farmers have a strong enthusiasm for horticulture,” said Ko Maung Maung Naing , grower from field No 111 of Yesagyo.
“Previously, winter crops like gram, nut, corn, sunflower and bean were grown. The degrading of arable land was attributed to the planting of the same crops every year. The yield and quality have become lower in those areas. It means that the growers ought to choose other crops for summer instead of growing rice for both seasons if he cultivated rice in the raining season,” he explained.
The changing of crops can prevent soil degradation and the growers need to choose the right crops or flowers based on the market demand, said an agricultural expert. The commercial growers can gain more profit this way, he added.




Phay Htun Zaw(Yesagyo)


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