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October 21, 2018

Export volume of mussels from Kyaukphyu to China declines due to unstable price

Workers sort mussels in Kyaukphyu, Rakhine.
Workers sort mussels in Kyaukphyu, Rakhine.

The drop in export volume of mussels mostly found in Kyaukphyu is attributed to the unstable price of mussels and irregular demand from China, it is learnt from the mussel depots.
Around 2,000 to 7,000 viss of mussels are usually exported from the Kyaukphyu area to the China market per month. However, only 1,000-2,000 viss of mussels were exported to China starting in June, 2016, said U Ni Tun, an exporter of mussels.
The price of mussels does not rise after the Chinese New Year. The export price is set by the Chinese market, but the price is often reduced. The main depots from Kyaukphyu are suffering from the reduced price offered by the Yangon purchase depot and the Chinese market, said U Maung Maung, an exporter of mussels from Kyaukpyu.
The mussels are also one of the highest value fisheries products exported to China. After Chinese New Year Festival, the volume of demand is cut in half and the price begins to decline, said the local exporters.
“The local businessmen as well as the mussel harvesters suffer from manipulation of the mussel price by China and the Yangon market”, said U Kyaw Sein Than, an exporter of mussels to China. “We, the businessmen, are trying to link with Thailand and other foreign markets to export the mussels”.
The export price of mussels at Yangon market is Ks5,000 per kilo for the small mussels and Ks8,000 per kilo for the large mussels. The mussels are exported to China through the Yangon market or directly from Kyaukphyu market, it is learnt.


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