October 19, 2017

Everywhere we are seeing and hearing gridlock. Why?

Every individual is a selfish being by nature. But, people cannot live alone and they have to live in societies, to have a social life, to solve difficulties, dangers and natural disasters and to create our surroundings or our world as developed and pleasant places to live in. Every person has a different mind, hence in a society one differs from others in minds or desires or needs.
We must accept that “Agreeing to differ is our inborn right.” The most important thing is to live in societies without any conflicts or altercations. As long as we always prioritize our self-interests, we will never reach our goal. So as to live in harmony with society, sometimes we have to concede our hopes and desires to others, as do others in turn so that both sides can reach a compromise.
Today, we are seeing and hearing gridlock everywhere, especially on roads or in meetings. Being an overcrowded city, Yangon is facing problems of traffic jam almost every day. It is annoying for the government itself and city dwellers. Much as a great numbers of motor vehicles are increasing in the city, we will never meet such a big problem to that extent if the drivers obey traffic rules. Some may claim that this is attributed to power failure and shortage of traffic police and traffic lights in crowded areas. If it is asserted so, I will deny it because many undisciplined drivers tend to drive without abiding by any rules and laws. Some drive without noticing or caring about the red lights. A driver himself must keep in his mind that lives of passengers are in his hand. And, those on board must warn him not to do so. But, instead, people fail to warn him to avoid quarrels. Undisciplined parking may cause gridlock. Had all the vehicles followed traffic rules, we would not have gridlock.
In meetings as well, especially in the meeting in which public opinions or desires are gathered, such kinds of gridlock are found. Every individual has his own right to express his idea or mind or choice. But, sometimes we must concede our desires to others to bring about benefits for the majority, against our wishes. Here, I would like to express the two words—bargaining chip and bargaining power. Bargaining’s literal meaning is discussion of prices, etc. with the aim of reaching an agreement that is acceptable. A person or a group of people can use a bargaining chip to get an advantage for themselves when they are trying to reach an agreement with another group. A person or a group of people has bargaining power when trying to reach an agreement with another group in a business or political situation.
The said bargaining chip and bargaining power may bear fruit in the short term. But, they are based on one’s personal gain.  Especially in implementing national peace which will bring about the eternal benefit for our future generations, we must remember the following noteworthy words of our State Counselor. She said “what we can give must be considered more than what we can get.”   And, it will be a recipe for solving the problem of gridlock in all situations.


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