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November 18, 2018

Everyone should understand complexity of Rakhine issue

  • The Union Government’s firm conviction is that issues of border security and the rule of law between the two neighbours can be solved bilaterally in an amicable manner.
    The Rakhine issue is complicated; it is not right for the international community to intervene in this issue.
    Therefore, the Union Government has dissociated itself from the UN resolutions last year to send a fact-finding mission to investigate the allegations of human rights abuses in Rakhine State. The resolution is not in keeping with the needs of both communities in Rakhine State.
    We did not feel it was in keeping with the needs of the region in which the government is trying to establish harmony and understanding, as well as remove the fears that have kept the two communities apart for so long. It is also not in accordance with the situation on the ground and the national circumstances.
    The Myanmar government is dealing with human rights issues, particularly, by investigating the complaints of rights violations.
    From the beginning, the government has taken the most cautious approach to deal with the issues in Rakhine State, and prevent unnecessary accusations of human rights violations by the international community.
    We cannot resolve a problem that has been existing for such a long time overnight. The incumbent government, which took office just two years ago, needs more time.
    We realised that the animosity, distrust, fear and hate in Rakhine were rooted in the fact that it is a region where there is very little prosperity and little security. Therefore, the Union Government formed the committee for the rule of law and development in Rakhine. Since then, the government has been looking for long-term solutions to the complex issues in Rakhine State. Very few people outside Myanmar are aware of all the historical issues that are involved. Meanwhile, we would like to urge our people in Myanmar to understand what’s going on and the government’s actions. Every individual needs to understand the meaning of human rights. Every country is faced with human rights issues. In dealing with human rights issues, the government alone cannot solve this issue. It also requires the cooperation of our people. We are the ones who must in the long run to preserve the stability and security of our country.


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