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March 03, 2018

Everyone is awaiting more good news from Myanmar

Myint Win Thein


Recent developments in Myanmar indicate a brighter future for the nation. The people cast their votes peacefully in the 2015 multiparty democratic general election on 8 November. All stakeholders said they would accept the people’s choice.
The Union Election Commission hailed the 2015 election a success. Although the process of the election is not completed, the international community has been praising the people and the election in Myanmar.
The international community was previously worried that the election would lead to violence in the streets, which has always been a source of concern to both observer nations and the people of Myanmar. The peaceful elections have shown that the people are ready to accept true democracy. The election was a rare opportunity for Myanmar to show that it is a politically mature nation.
The situation here has been stable, thanks to the cooperation of the people. For Myanmar, what is most important now is to help maintain peace and stability during the post-election period, which lasts until the new government takes office.
To strive to maintain peace and stability, the cooperation of the people is indispensible. We all must be vigilant to stop tensions and arguments from boiling over. Myanmar can even be a model for transition if it does not veer from its current course. Everyone in the international community is awaiting more good news from Myanmar.


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