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June 07, 2018

Every individual can become a grain of sand in Nation Building!

Khin Maung Oo

Nobody hesitates to give his personal possession of little value or a tiny part of a relatively small amount of expensive things to others. Yet, when it comes to sharing a valuable thing or knowledge, they act contrariwise. This can be said to be ambivalent attitudes existing in man. In other words, contradictions are always fighting inside us. Even a stingy person has a modicum of generosity in him but he becomes a mean one as he cannot get rid of his stinginess. As said above, something shared may be a thing or knowledge or idea.
As regards sharing, Ashin Canda Dika (Shwe Paramitawya) highlighted the meaning and benefits of sharing in the sermon he delivered at the Suvana Bhumi Sasana Bimman, Thaton on 6 August 2017. At the merit sharing ceremony, he said “Sharing is the Spirit of the Buddha-to-be, Sumeda the Hermit. Though He could have gained Nivirna in a moment for His own sake only, He made a solemn vow to attain Buddhahood to save uncountable numbers of beings, by fulfilling the paramis for many, many eons. After becoming the Enlightened Buddha, He preached sermons for 45 years, with the spirit of sharing.”
In the opening address at the ceremony, Mahn Win Khaing Than, Patron of the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw and Speaker of Amyotha Hluttaw said, “Sharing can get rid of the vicious circle. Donation is not performed out of poverty and failure to donate begets poverty.” It is quite right in saying so. Many people are reluctant to share their possessions or knowledge with others for fear that their belongings will be reduced or some who will receive their knowledge or advice will supersede them if they share. Had every one had such an attitude, we would not be living under the current situations.
Our country is a country which abounds with needy persons. Some lack food, some clothing, some employment, some advice, some peace and stability, some education, some technology, some health and some loving-kindness. Provided that these necessities can be fulfilled, our environment will be peaceful and we will be very pleased at the sight of them. It is necessary for all of us to develop the attitude already conceived in our minds. We will never ever go bankrupt by sharing our wealth with others. And we need not abandon all our properties. The Sayadaw guides us how to cultivate the practice of sharing and with whom we must share. If we need help we must take assistance and aid from others, on one condition that we are required to share wealth and possessions with other when we have wealth and things in our possession. By doing so, every individual can become a block of brick or a grain of sand in building up our nation.


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