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March 01, 2018

Every country is responsible for wiping out drugs and dealers

  • Tommy Pauk

These days, we read news about the seizure of illegal narcotic drugs in huge volume by the law enforcement agents in some countries and the seized drugs are worth millions of dollars. Few traffickers have been apprehended in the act of carrying these drugs and some illicit drugs are found ownerless. Every country is concerned about the drug trade as it is the scourge for its people especially the youths. Drugs here mean narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, and illicit chemical substances and so on. Almost every country has its own drug law to protect its people from menace of using such drugs. The junkies or the users use such drugs not for the medical treatment but for personal sensation. Thus, they become drug addicts and cannot contribute anything good to his or her society. Consequently, physical or mental or behavioral impairment affects the drug addicts. Later, they dare to commit crimes or destroy good tangible things due to influences of drugs. Though UNODC, statutes of drug laws, punitive actions are combating the drug dealers across the world, the drug trade is still threatening every society in the world. The secret network or routes of drug trade are always changed according to tight undercover investigation of the law enforcement agencies. The narcotics agents around the world are trying to do undercover investigation on the masterminds involving in this illegal drug traffic. However, the masterminds and the drug rings use different tactics to distribute the drugs to the secret market in any country. Therefore, every country ought to take responsibility to combat the drug trade in collaboration with INTERPOL, UNODC and the Narcotics Agents. The respective governments should give the educative talks on narcotics drug abuse and elimination of illegal drug trafficking to the students, youths and the people concerned.
We the global people are truly impressive in the punitive actions against the drug dealers conducted by the Indonesian government and the Philippines government. In fact, combating drug trade cannot be completely done by a single country alone as the culprits involved in drug trafficking are clandestinely doing the illegal business across the world. Besides, the perpetrators use transnational drug trafficking network. So, they can be detected in every country if we investigate thoroughly. Each and every country leader ought to nurture the youths to be energetic, healthy and capable for safeguarding their country. In this regard, the scourge of drug abuse or drug trafficking is a great challenge or threat for the developed and the developing countries. We should be aware that this is a cancer which kills human resources of any society.
The leader of every country is alarmingly responsible for participating in combating illegal world drug trade as much as they could do. Even then each country must be able to cooperate with any international narcotics agents to bring the culprits to justice. The plain fact is that the producers and dealers of narcotic drugs are the ones who commit homicide for the sake of their personal benefits and money earned from drug trafficking, a lucrative illegal business. In other words this selfish business could cause the extinct of human race unless we totally annihilate the illegal drug trade. If there are numerous drug addicts in a certain society, the incapable human resources will arise surely. In addition, the victims of narcotic drugs should not only be sent to jail but also be sent to drug rehabilitation centre for their personal better future life. Otherwise, a certain society can lose capable human resources and deteriorate the socio-economic development. The drug addicts are the regular customers of the drug dealers, spending a lot of money in buying drugs. Then they become useless persons for families, communities and society concerned. When they do not have money to buy drugs, they do commit crime to get money for buying drugs. The drug dealers are clever for pushing drugs among the youths. Concerning illegal drug sale, some school students, celebrities of stage and screen and the rich people are targeted or persuaded by the drug dealers. It is not easy to do undercover investigation on the secret dealing and relation between the drug addicts and the drug dealers. The reason is that the drug addicts are totally influenced by the sensation and influence of drugs so they are unable to tell the law enforcement agencies about the source of drug dealers. Since they are addicted to drugs, they think that if they give information of the source of drug dealers to the law enforcement agents, they might not get the drugs anymore. If there are no drug dealers, the drug will not be available for the drug addicts. For this reason, the drug addicts do not give any information of he source of drug dealers to the law enforcement agency. The drug addicts cannot live without taking drugs every day. Under this circumstance, the source of illegal drugs availability cannot be found easily in real world.
Nevertheless, this drug trade can be cracked down with the cooperation of public, INTERPOL and sensible persons in the world. Every one of us must be aware of the importance of protecting the youth and some adults from the peril of drug abuse in our society. Another important thing is that those who involve in law enforcement agencies and judges in any society must be incorruptible in dealing with narcotic drug related cases. It is no doubt that rectitude in law enforcement agencies and judges with the cooperation of public can wipe out drugs and drug dealers in a certain society smoothly.


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