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July 20, 2018

Every citizen needs to have security awareness

  • Maw Lin
  • National peace and stability is of great importance in every country. For doing so, security awareness and rule of law play an important role. Though the national security must be operated by its security forces and organizations, but it will be more effective and successful only if all the citizens help to participate energetically.
    In regard to present events currently happening in Rakhine State, it can be said that anxieties for national security may occur in the country. At the time when the State is exerting its concerted efforts for the national security, we can find destructive elements from the outside world and aggressive behaviors that ignite up to leading to the breach of the national security. This can be likened to the event of blowing wind while catching a fire, or the event of waiting for a chance while a wildfire is burning angrily. So, we are repeatedly to warn for the people to keep security awareness and to be alert about the possible dangers of those destructive elements.
    Due to such and such situations, these days the State is calling for awareness over conspiracies of extremist terrorist attacks in the country, simultaneously issuing news releases occasionally, so as for unnecessary conflicts not to emerge.
    It has been learnt that arrangements are under way to launch terrorist bomb blast attacks in the inner part of the country in a foreign country that encourages terrorism, which is designed to make timely attacks at the time when ARSA extremist terrorists are making terrorist attacks and during this month when the meetings of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) will be held, with a view to attracting supports over ARSA extremist Terrorists.
    According to these news and information, the State has issued instructions to take awareness on security across the nation. Based on potential attacks, riots, religious and racial conflicts can be created, so it is of great importance to take special awareness on risks of the breach of national peace and stability.
    As security awareness, the people are required to report to the nearest authorities if found suspicious persons and their deeds, accumulation of explosives and actions of abnormality. It is necessary for the whole populace to take notices of political agitations to create riots and conflicts, by exploiting threat on terrorist attacks.
    As the State is making preparations to protect the country from the danger of potential terrorist attacks, we need not be worried about it. But we need to keep constant alertness on national security.
    As security awareness and rule of law is important for the national peace and stability, all the national people and all those living in the country are required to express their love and loyalty toward the country by co-operating campaigns for national peace and stability, being implemented by the government.
    (Translated Khin Maung Oo)


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