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December 13, 2018

Every cent and effort matter

With economic reform, Myanmar has been enjoying relatively more assistance than ever before from the international community in every sector. As history has shown us, a country cannot enjoy international assistance all the time. Therefore, it is important for Myanmar to make best use of it for the national interest instead of wasting it for personal gain or unnecessary measures.
In Afghanistan and Haiti the international community has poured in billions of dollars into reconstruction assistance, but the two countries are still at the status quo, struggling with the same problems at the same extent, including internal conflicts, corruption, poverty, drugs, crime, and so on. In Afghanistan, the international community has trained and provided salaries for members of the Afghan National Police, but those responsible for salary payments are abusing the money, costing donors billions of dollars. Similarly in Haiti, through five years after one of the world’s most devastating earthquakes, tens of thousands of victims are still living in temporary camps amid ongoing political stalemate between the government and the opposition. They have wasted their opportunities despite the avid willingness of international donors to help with reconstruction.
Although Myanmar has not received as much assistance from the international community as those two countries, Myanmar should use the assistance it has received more responsibly. If the country wastes the assistance, it is also wasting its efforts to build a democratic country at the same time. Learning lessons from the history of other countries, Myanmar should not repeat the same mistakes and must make most out of international assistance.


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