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February 28, 2018

EU mission reinforced with third deployment of election observers

The third deployment of election observers for the country’s 8 November general election kicked off yesterday, according to the European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM).
The 62-member delegation of short-term observers will observe the electoral process together with the EU’s core team of eight election analysts and 30 long-term observers.
Chief observer Alexander Graf Lambsdorff said the EU team will be the eyes and ears of the election observation mission on the day of the election, covering polling, counting and analysis of results in all regions, states and territories in both urban and rural areas.
According to the EU mission, the short-term observers were given a two-day briefing on voting procedures, the political environment and other topics prior to their deployment.
The number of election EU observers in Myanmar will total more than 150 as a delegation comprising members of the European Parliament and EU diplomats will reinforce the mission on election day, the EOM announced.
While visiting many polling stations from the opening to the closing of the polls, the observers will watch and take note of how the voting is conducted, not interfering in the process,  said Lambsdorff, who is also the vice president of the European Parliament.
During a press conference in Yangon last month, the mission of chief told reporters that the mission is solely focused on the credibility of the country’s election, conducting a comprehensive analysis of the electoral process—prior to, on and after the election.
A preliminary statement will be released two days after the election, and a final report with technical recommendations for future elections will be issued later, the chief observer said at the press conference.


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