September 23, 2017

Employers to assist staff in voting this Sunday

AIR Kanbawza airlines has announced that they will make sure their on-shift workers will be able to vote this Sunday by offering them transport to ballot box locations.
“We told our staff not to miss the chance to vote so we will provide transport for them.  We will pick up airline staff from the airport at 5:30 am for voting. We will allow staff from the 9 am to 12 noon shift to return home to vote and evening shift staff who have voted in the morning will be picked up from home and taken to the office. As Myanmar citizens we must not lose our chance to vote freely,” said U Khin Maung Kyaw, chief administration officer of Air Kanbawza.
A money changer in Kamayut Township who is normally open Sundays has vowed to close for election day to enable staff to vote in the general elections.


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