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June 12, 2018

Eight suspected drug dealers arrested in Maungtaw

Security forces arrested eight people together with marijuana weighing about one kilo in a boat in the Naf River in Maungtaw Township yesterday.
While conducting an area clearance operation, the security forces found a suspected boat at about 2.55 am and gave a signal to the boat to stop.
However, the boat ran away and the security forces finally managed to stop the fishing boat from the a neighbouring country and arrested eight suspects in the boat. The security forces detained Nu Karsin, Muhammad Shudis, Swarlin, Susintan, Barbul, Amen Husson, Mujulah and Sardis and 28 packs of marijuana weighing about one kilo.
Similarly, the security forces detained two suspects at around 1.15 am.
The two suspects are Akar Mawdi from Indin Village and Mamauk Elnu from Kotankauk (Ywama) Village in Maungtaw Township.The security forces also arrested two suspects approaching the border fence in Maungtaw Township on 15 December together with 500 takas and two sickles. A piece of paper in which a telephone number in Bangladesh was noted was also found.
During interrogation, the two suspects namely Adu Sarlaung and Saudi Mullah from U Shae Kya Village confessed that they were arrested while going to the neighbouring country.


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