June 29, 2017

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Efforts made to prevent entry of fake edible oil to Myanmar

According to U Khin Soe, the chairman of Myanmar Oil Millers’ Association, the organisation will take steps to prevent cooking oil with any type of ordour from entering local markets.
The association will cooperate with the government to stop cooking oil mixed with an  artificial ordour from being distributed because of harmfulness to health.
Dutiful citizens can report to the authorities if they find edible oil with artificial ordour because this is  harmful to local consumers, officials said.
In the local consumer market, there are lots of harmful kinds of cooking oil with harmful additives such as soybean oil, used cooking oil, corn oil and cottonseed oil.
Local consumers not only suffer the ill effects by eating these types of substandard cooking oils, but the oil enterprises dealing in peanut oil and sesame oil also suffer losses, U Khin Soe said. —200


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