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February 27, 2018

Education reform starts with teachers

These days, education plays a key role in serving as a common yardstick for measuring growth as well as an instrument of enabling the country to keep abreast of modern scientific and technological standards. It is through education that we can rejuvenate the crippled economy and ensure the moral regeneration of our people.
It is safe to assume that education is a cornerstone in major human development. In other words, money spent on education is money very well spent indeed, given its returns and benifits. We need education to look after ourselves, raise our families, do business, defend our country and most importantly of all conserve our environment.
We have witnessed first-hand the negative effects the declining education standards have had on the country’s development in terms of health, culture and economy. When it comes to the education reform, nobody else plays a greater role than teachers, considering their constant close contact with students, our children. Unfortunately, the number of teachers who still stick to rote learning is not small.
Such out of date and unpractical approaches present a great barrier to our educational reform. Teachers should be aware that their insistence on rote learning creates an environment of intimidation, coercion and blandness.
All in all, the reform in the country’s education sector needs but a push in the right direction. That’s why whoever cannot help should not stand in the way of educational progress. Now is the time for every teacher to play an active part in their right place by contributing to the advancement of societal values.


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