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February 26, 2018

Drainage System, Civics and Creation of Rainwater Harvesting

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • We cannot avoid natural events. Nature brings us good and bad fortunes. Nowadays, because of climate change natural calamities are happening more than ever across the world. Storms are hitting many places. Burning heats are harming people and worst droughts are occurring in many areas. In Myanmar, some parts of our country are suffering water shortage. Especially in summer, it is frequently read in newspapers and journals that people living in some townships, nearby Yangon City are queuing up for drinking water. Simultaneously, the ubiquitous problem is the problem of the drainage system. It is useless for us to find out who should be blamed for the poor drainage system. Our duty is just to find a solution and how to correct the situation.
    With the coming of the monsoon season, we always have torrential rains. People in the arid zone are longing for the monsoon rain, especially for farming water. People in urban areas, especially Yangonians hope to escape from the scorching heat. Rainwater may quench Yangon’s burning heat but we are having huge and disgusting problems—blocked drainage ditches, stoppage of traffic routes due to over-flooded roads and rainwater inflow into houses. Yet, disgusting garbage thrown away carelessly or otherwise by people did not accompany the receding water, remaining in homes or on roads. These piles of dirt are a real eyesore as well as potential causes for illness and diseases. Very recently, Cyclone Mora wreaked havoc on city dwellers, removing roofs of many houses and buildings including schools, and making trees collapse. With the collaboration of YCDC employees, EPC personnel, Tatmadaw units and authorities concerned, these problems had been dealt with effectively and on time.
    This kind of solution can be likened to palliatives because it can only solve the problem temporarily. We must find a real remedy for it. The government is well convinced of the urgent need to solve this problem. But we must know that it will take time to do so. To implement the urbanization project, we need the valuable professional advice of experts, cooperation of city-developers, concerted efforts of government personnel as well as help of conscientious people. Are piles of dirt on roads attributed to failure to collect garbage or to careless disposal of garbage by our people? If so, let us join the campaign for beautifying our city.
    As a layman, I believe that the government should take implementation of rainwater harvesting systems into consideration. Rainwater harvesting is one of the simplest and oldest methods for self-supply of water for every household. Even in developed countries rainwater harvesting is still applied to supplement the main water supply for people. The system may be a long-term solution for the whole nation, but it should be implemented under the aegis of respective regional governments, urgently. It will beneficial for rural and urban populations alike. To sum it up, we can create pleasant environments in our urban areas if all our citizens performed their civic duties religiously.


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