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February 27, 2018

Don’t make hate speech !

  • By: Tommy Pauk

In human society, there may be more or less diverse culture, diverse religion and diverse ethnicity. Since we all are humans beings, we may love or hate according to the other people’s behavior and response. Actually the feelings of love and hate dwell in human minds, but the feeling of love creates pleasant atmosphere and the feeling of hate leads to crises in human society.
Delivering hate speech badly hurts the persons or people who are hated by the speakers. Normally hate speech is intended to hate different religious believers and different races.
Nowadays, the freedom of religion is allowed in almost all the countries around the world. Very few countries have constraints on religious freedom in the world. Obviously, hate speech tends to insult or attack people or individuals and provides a platform for hate indeed. All people of good conscience oppose those who spread hate speech or poisonous narrative.
On the other hand, all peace-loving people do not accept the words of hate speech because they know that these words can incite the violent acts or racial hatred. Spewing hateful words directed at certain people or community or a person threatens peace and tranquility of the entire human society. This is an act of destruction which hurts not only the targeted ones but also the community of the hate speech makers.
The violence related to hate speech brings a disaster as a result in a society. The targeted people become the victims of the hate speech since they are minority of people in a particular society.
All the peace-loving people ought to protect or prohibit the launch of hate speech campaign in their respective societies. Even then, the respective governments should crack down the hate speech launchers in accordance with law.
Unless otherwise, there will be a series of chaos in the societies in the world. Consequently, the societies might face impediment in nation building tasks and socio-economic development.
We are obliged to live together with diverse culture, religion and race in harmony in every nation as we are in a global village. We must develop sincerity, mutual respect, mutual understanding and mutual tolerance so that there can be no problem and animosity. We should strictly avoid saying insulting words on other persons’ faith and races and should not do discriminatory act on other different races.
We all have to respect human rights which are universally declared to all humans and commonly accepted by all nations on earth.
Nobody should encourage or cooperate with the instigators of hate speech by any means.
In fact, those who make hate speech disrupt the certain law and order of the society. Some hate speech makers use facebook for spreading poisonous narrative or make-up stories to hate the targeted persons or community or organizations.
Nevertheless, the conscientious persons never ever fall into the trap of hate speech. Due to hate speech, outburst of violence occurs and the chaotic situation takes place in the society. Therefore, hate speech is very dangerous for people in a certain society.
Learning the negative impact of hate speech, people are not allowed to make hate speech anywhere in any country to prevent from man-made disaster. In some countries, if a person is found to be a speaker of hate speech, he or she will be punished according to their prescribed law. Some communal violence in some society was incited by hate speech.
Hate speech does not support or contribute to any society and people concerned with goodness. In conclusion, all citizens of Myanmar and people around the world are urged not to make hate speech on any circumstances. Beware hate speech which creates the scourge and destruction in humanity. Don’t make hate speech!


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