September 20, 2017

Do what is right rather than act on instructions

All eyes are on the start of the next parliament with new representatives, mostly from the National League for Democracy, which won 80% of the parliamentary seats in the general elections last November. It is absolutely imperative that NLD’s members, the overwhelming majority in parliament, should not spread themselves too thin in their efforts to reform the government. It is impossible to expect different results without taking different approaches.
Being elected to parliament is a real thrill for first-time politicians simply because their new posts come with new responsibilities associated with new challenges and anxieties. Understandably, they will find it quite difficult to adjust themselves to the new role.
Constitutionally speaking, the people are the real owner of power and accordingly send their representatives to parliament and ask them to help realise their dreams of enjoying higher living standards, better education, better healthcare and safer environments. Turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the silent majority will prove fatal to national development on all fronts.
Parliamentarians are responsible for fulfilling the needs of the people and the country as a whole. In doing so, they are required to do what is right rather than act on instructions from above. A glance is enough to reveal how the yes-men culture has delayed the further development of the country in the past six decades.
Making mistakes is natural. What is unnatural is repeating the same mistake more than twice. In addition, failure is unavoidable in pursuit of success. It should, however, be noted that we do not need to find new ways to fail so as to succeed. We have had enough old ways! All we need is to learn from the wrongs of our own and others.


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