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June 22, 2018

Disciplined democracy versus freedom

The Yangon City Development Committee paved concrete roads in the commercial capital of Yangon during the year 2015. New concrete roads can be seen everywhere, making the community cleaner and better looking in addition to better transport and travel. On top of all, the real estate sector has seen a rise in prices of flats and apartments in the whole city thanks to improvement in transportation and traveling.
With the advent of wider roads, some people have come to regard the open spaces emerging from road improvements as places for parking of bicycles, motorbikes and motorcars. They misuse the newly paved roads as their parking lots, and do the parking in an undisciplined manner with the result that both the vehicles and the pedestrians are suffering from the avoidable traffic jams. There are also those unruly football players on the road. Some are even having a bath on the road whereas others feed the stray dogs. Some drop the left over food into the drainage while some throw the litter onto the road, not abiding by the road rules. There are also roadside vendors who use the roads and pavements as if the latter are their own home.
These unethical behaviors and/or undisciplined manners reminded me of General Aung San, our national hero and architect of independence, who once said he had seen in Hinthada some local people drying up the tobacco on the road, thinking they could do things according to their whims and fancies as independence was regained from the British colonialists.
In this juncture, it is worth remembering that abidance by discipline is a symbol of a gentleman as well as of a law abiding citizen. In this time of democratisation, it is of vital importance for the authorities to enforce the rule of law, to restore law and order and to promote the awareness of the importance of abidance by laws, rules, regulations in order that a democratic society can be built up.


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